Why I Love The Kingdom Of God.

It’s funny that when you can have anything, that God says you can have, you don’t want anything. Except God’s Love. God’s Love is an additive substance, far greater than any drug. You simply can not get enough! I live in the love of God. How about you?

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2 thoughts on “Why I Love The Kingdom Of God.

  1. Be careful about saying Christians can have “anything” they want. Strictly speaking, that’s not biblical. We cannot seek anything unrighteous. And what we ask for must be in accord w/ the will of God for our lives. By the way, you may want to transcribe some of your posts. Not all readers have the time to watch a complete podcast. Just a suggestion. Blessings, A.

    1. IF, you are a Kingdom Citizen you will not be able to ask for anything that’s not God’s will. Renew your Mind (Sole). God Bless you. Live As If You Were In Heaven Now even thou You Are In A Body on Earth.

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